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VIPortal traffic exchange is fully responsive powerful tool that works perfectly for your website.

Automatic Traffic Exchange

VIPortal traffic exchange has a powerfull traffic session manager which automatically visits other sites

Manual Traffic Exchange

Dont want to wait , Then do it manually , VIPortal Traffic Exchange also includes manual exchange system

Social Exchange

VIPortal Social Exchange awards the points on sharing social content

Over Exciting features
with many Powerful Components

Using analytics in the online market allows you to predict the change in the trends and latest technology

STEP 1. Upload your Link or Website

Submit your website or link using the our powerful dashboard and start getting automatic hits on it

STEP 2. Start your Traffic Exchange Session

Start a regular browser session in order to visit other sites and earn points


STEP 3. This will increase your Alexa Rank

Earn more points or purchase them to get more points and boost your alexa rank

STEP 4. Start Earning GOOD Revenue

You can also earn revenue by visiting users sites by converting points into earnings

Discover Great & Powerful Features

VIPortal Traffic Exchange is one of the Most POWERFUL Traffic Exchange Service provider in Africa

VIPortal Traffic

Perfectly Designed

VIPortal Traffic Exchange service is precisely why today VIPortal INC is becoming something of an industry standard in online business platforms


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